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Go on a Walking Tour!

History is alive and everywhere you look in San Juan. A few hours’ walk will introduce you to El Morro Fort, San Juan Gate, the restored historic jail, Bacardi Rum... read more


Breakfast and Coffee at Caficultura

While on your stroll through the Old Town, don’t forget to stop by for breakfast at Caficultura. This fun, casual diner is a great spot to pick up brunch and... read more


Stay at El Conquistador Resort

Book your stay at El Conquistador Resort, a Waldorf Astoria Resort that offers five unique villages, each with panoramic views of ocean waters. The resort has a whopping 20 restaurants,... read more


Spend a day at Culebra Island

Hop a short flight (or a longer, but cheaper, ferry ride) to Culebra Island, seventeen miles east of the Puerto Rico mainland. Culebra coaxes visitors from all over due to... read more